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By Laura Stec

Insider Tip – DIY Lentil Sprouts

Uploaded: May 14, 2020

So I’ve been looking at all those jars of grains and beans sitting pretty on my shelf with new light during sequestration. How can I use these key foods in new ways? Also, with so much in the media about the effect of COVID on the meat industry, I definitely want to incorporate new proteins into my diet, especially beans and legumes, which I tend to overlook.

Enter sprouts. An easy way to use beans without having to cook, and today's Insider Tip for folks stuck in the kitchen in search of inspiration. A cup yields 7 grams of protein, and while that may not come close to competitors,

sprouts are an easy toss into salads and over many things, boosting protein intake in places you least expect. Sprouting may also enhance nutrients available to us, increasing amino acid profiles, protein concentration, and availability of vitamins and minerals. There's superpower energy in eating foods that are growing.

Sprouting lentils and beans is a fun, easy activity, and certainly kids enjoy watching the daily progression.

Fill a mason jar with a ½ cup of lentils, rinse well, drain, and cover with water. Cover with dampened cheese cloth, or a bendable screen mesh (if you have neither, try a paper towel or coffee filter). Anchor by screwing on the lid. Let rest overnight.

In the morning, drain and rinse the lentils well; then prop up and place out of direct sunlight. Rinse twice a day. Soon the sprouts will start growing. After 3-4 days, when small leaves appear, your sprouts are ready to eat.

Store in the refrigerator, covered. They will last for around a week in the fridge.

I put them on everything,

and especially like my new creation Sprout Popcorn. Try spouting with different types of beans: here I used the small French lentils, and next time I’ll try red lentils, and garbanzo beans.

Sprout Popcorn
Combine ½ cup of sprouted lentils with 1 teaspoon, or to taste, nutritional yeast. Munch while watching your favorite movie.