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By Laura Stec

It’s All Gone Sour (snack recipe)

Uploaded: May 13, 2018

Anyone check out the John Legend Easter remake of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar? Boy did that bring back memories of a childhood soundtrack, and I still knew all the words. As kids, we played that album over and over. But the show? I'd give it a B, maybe. It lacked soul somehow. Legend didn’t have the right energy for the part of Christ, the choreography was ok...but didn't really get your giddy on, and the orchestra should have been on the stage, with the show. Maybe the audience rocked it, but it didn't translate to TV like we all wanted it to. Still, I sang along with the whole thang', bought a copy on Itunes, and am rockin' out to the soundtrack tonight. Tim Neeley, I love you.

The song Heaven On Their Minds really stuck in my craw. Re-occurring brain loop - why does it do that sometimes?

Your followers are blind, too much heaven on their minds. It was beautiful but now it’s sour. Yes, it’s all gone sooooooooouurrrrrrruur, ohohohohohohohoho aaahhhaahhaa! YEH eh eh eh eh eh eh! Jeeeeesus it's aaaalaall gooonne sour.

Funny, it reminds me of a super easy snack I call Lemonade Date Bites. As the new blossoms emerge, this is the time of year to rid your trees of the last lemons of the season. But what to do with all that sour? Try this delicious, kid-approved, sugar-free snack and use up the juice from your harvest with lots of puckered-mouth smiles.

Lemonade Date Bites
- makes approx. 16 squares
1 cup medjool dates, pitted
¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cup toasted sesame seeds
½ cup finely chopped toasted cashews

Add dates to food processor and blend into a paste. Add lemon juice and sesame seeds and combine. Remove and shape into 16 squares. Roll in cashews. Store room temp, or in the fridge.

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