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By Steve Levy

I Do Not Drive or Bike But Want Better Mobility Options for Those Who and Those Who Don't

Uploaded: May 2, 2018

I would drive a car and ride a bike if my eyesight permitted so this is a lifestyle I have had to accommodate to and think about.

As a non driver or biker, I am very supportive of improved mobility options for drivers and bikers as these are major modes of mobility and I have chosen to live in an area with heavy car and bike traffic and where mobility both for people who drive and those who do not is sometimes challenging.

I support more options for people to take bikers in conjunction with public transit like Caltrain. I support increased use of dedicated bike lanes, And if I saw a good model, I would support more bike share programs.

These choices help the people who bike but also make biking a more attractive option and in a small way contributes to a cleaner environment.

While I look forward to having more and better non driving options for residents, I also support improving mobility for people who drive. I support dedicating money to repair the roads, I support adding lanes on freeways where needed, and I support toll lanes that give people an extra option.

I support building the garages planned for in Palo Alto's infrastructure plan and support better wayfaring technology to help people find available parking.

But I also support paying for parking. So i support on street paid parking around downtown and Cal Ave. I do not buy the argument that this crimps retail. I think it actually helps. Think Burlingame. We are all used to paid parking in SF, at airports, at ball games and parking costs a lot of money,

I also support higher permit fees for residents as well as employees. The streets are public. Residents either paid for parking when buying their home (garages and driveways) as we did or their housing costs were less if no driveway or garage. If residents choose not to use their garage or driveways for parking that is their choice but I see no reason to give them free on street parking besides perhaps for one car.

And I support the TMA programs to help low wage workers get to and from work with solo driving.

And recently I heard of a new program by Avenidas to help seniors connect with ride share programs like Lyft.

Finally I think it is good to remember that we all chose to live in a community that already had a major university, associated research park, a tertiary care medical complex and a regional shopping center--all of which would need to remain competitive in their respective missions.

Improving mobility for drivers, bikers and all is probably harder in our community so let's work even harder to meet the challenges.