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By Laura Stec

Eat, Surf, Love

Uploaded: Jan 13, 2018

Spanish men seem different than men from Italy (the last country I visited). More like Juan Antonio on horse with a cervesa, rather than Casanova in a Ferrari with his mom. I met all types of men (and women) Solo in Spain, and got to fall in love a few times, with both.

My mom often asks, "Do you ever get lonely traveling by yourself?" An honest question - an interesting response. No actually, traveling solo seems to open oneself up to so much more. It's like we carry a protective coating of our lives back home, and a force-field extension when operating in pairs and groups, which can keep us from truly connecting because, well, there’s really no need to. When solo though, we depend more on the people who live there and forced to engage more deeply. With this reality we are not just visiting the county, we are immersed into the world we’ve come to explore.

Traveling by oneself can certainly be uneasy at times. Is this the correct street, or line, or train? What do I do with my luggage in the bathroom? The uncertainty can be overwhelming. Unless, of course, we expect and except it. You have to have guts to travel alone, but preparation (and naps) make it easier to navigate the variability and flow. Prepare to get lost and roll with the changes. After all, life is a daring adventure or nothing, reminds Helen Keller. It makes travel (and living for that matter) a continued journey of growth, excitement and fulfillment.

Since Eat, Surf, Love starts with food…

this is where our story begins.

To be continued…..

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