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By Laura Stec

Solo in Spain

Uploaded: Jan 9, 2018

There's never been a better time to be single -CNN

Google the link...It's a story about single people having a blast, despite what years of married-people studies tried to convince us. Not only are single folks healthier, happier, and more self assured, we weigh less and are having more sex! Tonight looking out my million-euro view in Granada, Spain, I certainly wouldn't object to Roberto from Seville's SeeByBike, Luca sweet Luca from the coast, or mountain Franzan joining me for a drink and a toast to the painter of this awe-inspiring landscape that stretches as far a front and around as one can see. Or for that matter, Mercedes, my gracious Airbnb host who lives just down the street, to join in salud as well.

Pero no hay problema, I'm having a wonderful time with just solo yo, a SAAZ (Damm) lager, and the sun, clouds, city, and snow-capped peaks that surround my rooftop terrace this afternoon.

This trip has transported me from a Sevillian wedding to an Atlantic hippie surf town, the western Sierra Nevada, and now ancient Granada, home to the majestic Moorish Alhambra palace.

I've learned everything about driving in Spain is smaller, and every car is banged up. They say the Spanish park "with their ears." I've learned the reason why so many non-native English speakers know some English is because of songs played on the radio. I've learned it's really hard to find a pepper grinder, broccoli and kale in Spain, and that I love home-cooked Spanish meals more than much restaurant faire (more veggies are served at home). And I've confirmed what I already knew - traveling and eating alone, no matter where you are in the world, can be wonderfully fulfilling and a down right blast.

It's hard to post remotely on this blog and pictures are really problematic. So we'll leave it like this for now and write more when the conditions allow.


Food Partying! In Spain, Solo Yo.