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By Chandrama Anderson

Recent Research for Wives to Keep Husbands from Straying

Uploaded: Jul 27, 2017

First, it’s interesting that the study didn’t take into account wives straying and how husbands can prevent that, but on to the research.

“The study, conducted by VictoriaMilan – a dating site for married and attached people looking to cheat – asked 12,670 of its active male members from 21 countries how long their wives and long-term partners spend pleasing and teasing them in the bedroom – and how creative she is with her love games.”

Ok, this is already twisted research in my mind because these people were already looking to cheat. And the idea is that women have to come up with sexy and out of the ordinary ways to keep their husbands satisfied so he won’t cheat. Onward.

The study goes on to state. “Playing with and eating fruit, alternating ice and warm sensations on skin, experimenting with playful sex toys, licking melted chocolate and whipped cream from each other’s bodies and streaming sexual acts for the pleasure of unknown strangers are just some of the adventurous and amorous acts these wives and long-term partners dabble in.”

The owner of the site, Mr Vedal, says, “There’s an old adage from a mother to her daughter: in order to avoid your husband being interested in other ladies you should spend all your husband’s money and ensure he is sexually exhausted and doesn’t even have the energy to look at another woman.”

Wow, spend all his money?!?!

He goes on to say, “The bedroom must remain sacred in order for a relationship to remain passionate, romantic and erotic. Conversations regarding installment of car payments, your children’s school lives or the general humdrum should never take place in the bedroom.”

Now I can agree with this last comment.

The key to great sex is intimacy. And intimacy comes from good communication, care, respect, friendship, love, kindness, listening, shared activities, romance, loving touch, putting your partners needs on par with your own, making the best decision for your relationship (not your own needs/wants, although those are taken into account), managing struggles together, and helping each other reach your individual and collective dreams.

I believe it is both of your responsibility to create an intimate, emotional, loving relationship that is filled with passion and sexual playfulness. This is what makes for happy, healthy, long-term relationships.

You keep each other from straying this way.