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By Laura Stec

Holiday Hangouts

Uploaded: Dec 12, 2016

Looking for a place to celebrate with friends and family over the holidays? Here’s a few we’ve been Food Partying! at lately:

Redwood Coast Cider

A Groupon found me stumbling upon this one-year old, homey watering hole, an edgy, but family friendly, and oh-so-comfortable spot, in the San Carlos warehouse district. Why haven't I got here sooner?

“We used to homebrew in our garage, but Gabe’s wife is gluten intolerant, so we started to experiment with cider instead of beer, says Media Market Manager, Christina Krzaszczak. “Cider is an afterthought for most folks, the thing people ordered if they didn’t like beer. We wanted to give it the respect it deserved.”

Head Brewmaster Jesse Ferarris comes from a big fermentation background including kombucha and sauerkraut. Teaming with Front of House Manager Gabe Lucas, this trio has created a super fun spot for families, Meetup groups, and evening revelers looking for a new adventure.

There are no sugars, concentrates or additives added – they stick to just fruits and yeast, and everything is brewed onsite. With interesting names like Strawberry Bobber, Biker’s Chardonnay, and Crancherry, it’s a new experience in spirits. “We convert beer drinkers all the time, says Krzaszczak.

Come do a tasting of 5 ciders, or order by the glass.

There’s no food on the menu, but we got a pizza delivered the night we were there, which was “absolutely ok.” Sometimes there are food trucks, and Saturday afternoon has unofficially become “Parents Time;” all ages are welcome, led by Christina’s cutie pie son, who joined us that evening.

Notable is the beautiful redwood bar top from reclaimed Firewood Farm in Half Moon Bay, the town the trio grew up in and around.

Interestingly, our bartender’s dad was the first guy to surf Mavericks. As a teenager, he used to look out at the coast from Half Moon Bay High School and wonder if anyone could catch those big waves, now legendary at the annual, international surf competition, held anytime from now – March, depending when / if the waves come in.

If you are shopping and need a break, bop into Terrain at Anthropologie & Co at Stanford Shopping Center.

What a creative mix of food, clothes and household items - a trip back in time to the department stores of the 1950’s. The store is filled with fabric wallpaper, vintage decorations, and eye candy everywhere - a definite destination spot.

The menu in Terrain is a nice balance to other offerings at the shopping center. Take a holiday load off with a glass of wine at the cool bar, and the Broccoli Rabe Polenta ($8) (note Chef - you don’t even need that shaved porchetta).

Or try their eco-oriented and local farmed Fall Beets and Full Belly Farm wheat berries $15), or the Line Caught Tuna Nicoise Carpaccio ($16). The kitchen obviously has an appreciation for healthy people and planet.

I’ve watched with interest as Stanford becomes a more experiencial shopping destination, with all the new stores and development. It’s worth a trip if you haven’t been their lately, even if you don’t want to shop!

Redwood Coast Cider
821 Cherry Lane, San Carlos
Tuesday –Thursday: 3:30pm –8pm
Friday: 3:30pm –11pm
(happy hour from 3:30-6:00!)
Saturday: 1:00pm –11pm

Stanford Shopping Center
180 El Camino Real, Suite 1301, Palo Alto
Mon-Fri: 10A-9P
Sat: 10A-7P
Sun: 11A-6P
(check website for extended holiday hours)