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By Laura Stec

Who Needs a Drink?

Uploaded: Nov 13, 2016

After this week, who doesn’t?

We were Food Partying up in the wine country / St. Helena during reThink Food, (the Culinary Institute of America’s conference in collaboration with MIT). Ordered a True To Your Roots from SolBar and loved it! I am really enjoying drinks these days with the fluffy egg white on top, and just started to do at home.

The drink is pretty easy to make and perfect for the holidays. (it’s always nice to offer your guests a specialty drink). Adapting the ingredients on the Solbar menu, here’s my version:

True to your Roots

In a shaker combine 1 ½ ounces vodka, ¾ ounce Roots Tentura Spirit, ½ ounce lemon juice, drizzle of beet syrup* and one egg white, shake vigorously. Once combined, add ice and shake again until shaker is ice cold. Strain into a glass. For garnish, blend up freeze-dried raspberries or strawberries and sprinkle on the powder, grate some nutmeg, or float small mint leaves on top.

* Beet syrup: cut up an average size beet in 2” cubes, cover with water, and low boil in a pot of water/apple juice till tender. Add more liquid if needed during cooking. Strain the liquid (eat the beets) and reduce by half. Taste and add more apple juice or sugar as needed.

Want someone else to help drown your sorrows?

Consider a trip over to Quattro at the Four Seasons, which recently updo'ed the terrace.

Plus, they’ve got a newly installed sound system and a music program by a music design agency BELLOSOUND. The Signature Sound blends inspiration from the hood, with ambiance and cuisine of the restaurant, into a mix of eclectic, sophisticated sounds. It’s interesting, and sets the stage for a perfect place to hang out with friends.

When it gets cold, they even bring you blankets!

The night we were there was also singles meet-up night, and we kept getting hit on. One guy I know saw me, but as often the case, ignored me until I went up to him and said hi. He responded with the standard line. Guys, please don’t use this:

“I didn’t recognize you Laura – you are all dressed up.”

2050 University Avenue
East Palo Alto