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By Laura Stec

When Are The Apples Ready?

Uploaded: Aug 14, 2016

The most important part of the pie is love and the homegrown apples.

I found myself thinking about that rolling lots of pie dough at Jeem’s a couple weeks ago. I got the call.

The apples are ready.

Jeem has a big ol’ Granny Smith tree in his Redwood City backyard. J&D, his neighbors, grow Gala.

The forces gathered on August 6th for Pie Fest. It was our second pie-crazed Food Party! We made four pies this year, and to assist the effort, spiralized the apples. Not sure about that uniform cut, but prep was really fast.

We mostly used J&D’s Galas, but needed a few more to fill in, so added some Granny Smith too. The Galas seemed sweet, but the Granny’s a bit grainy, like the starch hadn’t turned to sugar yet. But I’m no apple farmer, so who knows? I got the call. It was time to make pies.

And they came out good, but I bet a little more juice would have helped. Which got me wondering… when did we make them last year? Maybe the apples weren’t ready yet? Sure enough, I looked up the pictures and found out the date was September 30th, seven weeks later than this year’s fest.

So readers, anyone know apples out there? I say we picked too soon and if we would have waited, the apples would have been juicier. Jeem doesn’t agree.

How can you tell when the apples are ready?