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By Laura Stec

The Cocktail Party

Uploaded: Jul 31, 2016

Yeh, I watched the conventions. You? What up with Paul Simon? And how about those acceptance speeches?

My roots are fiscally-based Republican, with a rousing side dish of political tête-à-tête. We should talk more politics, and pine for the day we get over ourselves and talking becomes easier and interesting. I don’t care if we agree; I don’t expect to. I’m more interested in trying to understand why you believe the way you do.

My brother and I have kept up the political kibitz during presidential elections of past. He gets snotty along the way, but we usually laugh in the end. Love trumps politics. This year, the tradition may not survive. He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it.

So maybe you'll talk about it with me? Just till November. No hissy-fit poli-talks though, let’s have fun. Leave the Mepubs and Procrasticrats behind and fight to about The Cocktail Party!? Our motto, Stronger Together. Or, maybe start a whole new movement, like…well….. The Food Party!? Nominate me as your Secretary of Plate, and I promise we can hold these fruits to be self-evident, because I alone can save you.

Our first order of business is Bloody Mary. Hill-yes, I’m with her.

With us, or against us?

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Backyard Bloody Mary Bar
Celebrate the summer by inviting friends over for brunch and a Bloody Mary Bar. Use your own backyard tomatoes (cherry or otherwise) for the juice. Try pickling homegrown green beans for garnish.

1 cup peeled, seeded, and coarsely chopped tomatoes
2 cups tomato juice
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Dash celery salt
1 cup organic vodka
Green olive juice
Horseradish or wasabi paste
Pickled pearl onions, olives, green beans, asparagus (buy at the farmers market or pickle your own)
Homegrown cucumber and celery sticks
Selection of hot sauces (such as Tabasco, or your local brand)
Black pepper mill
Bottle of Worcestershire sauce
Good quality herbed salt on a plate, to rim glasses
Fresh lime and/or lemon wedges, to rim glasses
Ice bucket with fresh ice cubes

Blend the fresh tomatoes to a purée and push through a fine strainer (mixture will be thick). Combine the purée, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, vodka, and a splash olive juice in a pitcher and stir.

Set up the Bloody Mary Bar. Put the horseradish, onions, and olives in fun bowls and stand up the asparagus, beans, cucumbers, and celery in tall, skinny glassware. Open the hot sauces and put out a pepper grinder and a plate of herb salt. Put out tall glasses, stir spoons, and the drink pitcher and let guests season the drink as they please.

Recipe from Cool Cuisine – Taking the Bite out of Global Warming