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By Laura Stec

Summer Fun at Your Secret Beach

Uploaded: Jul 17, 2016

The Food Party! did a little picnic and beach cleanup this week. We took the leftovers from the Mt. Cagan Tiger party, and set out to my secret boogie board beach; from now on know only as Secret Beach, because, of course, I can not tell you the actual name, or where it is located. What do you think I am, nutts? (But hint… if you’ve been a Food Party! regular, you may recall the name was mentioned a few years ago….)

Last time I was at Secret Beach, it was a mess! Trash everywhere.

And it’s not like there are no signs encouraging people to remove their crap.

But no matter, there was junk left all over. I left feeling frustrated and sad.

So this time I decided to do something about it. I brought garbage bags and gave back to the place I have enjoyed so many, many times. And this time left feeling pumped. It was totally inspiring! What a great summer thing to do. Spend some time at your favorite beach, and when you are done, walk your gear back to your car, then head out one more time with bag and plastic gloves in hand. Just spend a half hour cleaning up. It’s a perfect compliment to any beach day, and it makes you feel great!

Oh, but don’t leave your bags on the beach because animals come pick them open and the trash blows all over. So please take the bag with you and dispose at the nearest trash can. At Secret Beach specifically, if you leave the bags just off Highway 1, Caltrans comes and picks them up.

Enjoy the coast, but remember these special words found only at Secret Beach…

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Stop by Design Within Reach July 30th, for Design Days. We will be Food Partying! on Saturday with a free workshop, How to Set a Stunning Table, from 12:30 PM – 2 PM. Join us!

Design Within Reach
447 University Avenue, Palo Alto

And speaking of old blogs...fellow Food Partier! Rob contacted me this week off line, in response to the 2014 blog, The Dude Abides.

Rob writes:
" Hi Laura. I came across your blog. Good stuff! If you ever need a Big Lebowski lookalike for a party let me know. A lot of my fans are techies,VC'S and other Silicon Valley residents. I like Palo Alto. Take care!" - Dude

Anyone need a Dude look-a-like?

You never know what you might find at The Food Party!, now do you?