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By Laura Stec

Creamy Strawberries with the Blues

Uploaded: Jul 2, 2016

Last week’s conversation about Guns and Butter left me feeling sad, does that sound silly or childish? We just can’t communicate about guns without getting into fights with one another. Have we really just lost the ability to agree to disagree? I don't care if you don't think how I think, or believe what I believe, and I have no interest in trying to make you. It doesn’t matter that we don’t agree, I expect it. What matters is how we move an issue forward, despite our disagreement. Now that's exciting. That's worth spending time on. None the less, thanks to everyone who joined the conversation.

But now for something completely different. We celebrate 4th of July with a fun and easy recipe that honors the colors of the season. A perfect part of any early July breakfast, or a fun snack to make with the kids.

We can all agree on that.

Creamy Strawberries with the Blues

1 pound strawberries
1 pint blueberries
8 oz Frisch Cheese from North Bay Curds and Whey (substitute 8 oz cream cheese), softened
1 teaspoon Mexican vanilla
3 tablespoons honey

Wash strawberries and blueberries and let dry.

Mix the softened cheese with vanilla and honey.

Core strawberries with melon baller.

Pipe or spoon the cheese mix into strawberry.

Top with a blueberry. Yum!