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By Laura Stec

Bacon in Bed

Uploaded: Aug 20, 2015

Just got back from the annual camp trip, this year to Huntington Lake, about an hour NE of Fresno. Many campers like a "less cooking is better" approach in the great outdoors, but I encourage camp cooking. It's the perfect reason to get out of your foldup chair and enjoy the creativity of putting together a meal. We Food Partied! about this in Camp Glamp. Anyone out there still making last year's featured recipe, Elaine's Crunchy Pancakes? YUM!

Steve was new to our camp posse this year, and so were his four pounds of bacon. (3 breakfasts, average 6 people per meal - you do the math). We had so much pig in play, it got down right pork passionate, making eats such as:

Ski Slope Breakfast Sandwich

and Breakfast S'mores

But the best application was an early morning surprise, just as the sun sparkled through the tree-silhouetted backdrop. First a rustle outside my tent, then a quiet zip zip, and a hand that appears. What's this?

Bacon in Bed?

Now I've gotten juice and certainly coffee, fresh baked scones and once even toffee. But never have I enjoyed the jolt of freshly cooked bacon served bedside. Yes siree! It was a true awakening and I am not even a bacon fan. That salty, fatty mix hit my snoozy brain and filled it with a complexity of compounds that overrode any leftovers of sleep. I was up and ready, just like that.

Who knew pork had such power? Is that what y'all have been clamoring about for so long and somehow I just missed this secret bacon blessing?

Wakin' to bacon.

I get it now, thanks.

Breakfast S'more
Jim brought some cool toasters that rotate the marshmallows into a perfect poof, and Susan ruled BaconFest by creating an early morning variation to this camp classic.

One piece bacon
One marshmallow
One muffin or scone, thinly sliced

Get up and make a fire so everyone can get warm during the morning cool. While toasting your tush, roast one marshmallow to perfection, and get someone else to fry up the bacon. Top marshmallow with bacon. Slide both off the stick onto a slice of muffin or scone.

Eat. Then take over the world.