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By Chandrama Anderson

Marriage Interview 4: Flagging Interest in Sex

Uploaded: Apr 2, 2015

Thomas met his wife, MaryAnn, at a dinner party. They started dating a month later, and were married within the year. They've now been married over 50 years
In VoiceMale, Chethik's survey shows that a man who knows within a month that he wants to marry a woman, generally has a lasting marriages, while a man who take months or years to decide, does not.

Thomas says that one of the biggest problems they have had is that as he has aged, his interest in sex has flagged, while his love remains. This is upsetting to MaryAnn. Thomas states that hormones are the cause of this change for him.

As a couple's therapist, I would have recommended a thorough checkup for Thomas with his MD, and ensure that they have an open line of communication about their sex life. There are many ways for a man (or woman) to sexually satisfy one's beloved with or without intercourse.

I also would have worked with them to determine if there were other reasons that their sex life was flagging. It is normal for couple's sex lives to go through changes and even be problematic at times. Many couples find it very difficult or embarrassing to discuss their love life in the light of day.

I hope Thomas and MaryAnn snuggle and give to one another in each others' Love Language.

Thomas' tip for couples is:
Cool it if You Want to Keep it