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By Laura Stec

And the Winner Is?..

Uploaded: Nov 27, 2014

It's home to Michigan this week, celebrating the holiday with family. I elicited my mom to choose the name for our Fancy Food Show Joins The Food Party! Party. Congrats to the winner (see below). Contemplating the idea this chilly Thanksgiving morning made me acknowledge how we in the west are all winners, surrounded by fancy food, fresh food, seasonal food and small farmers galore who grow for us year round. I toured an impressive snow-covered greenhouse in downtown Detroit a few years ago, powered only by horse poop and the sun, but until the furistic growing methods such as aeroponics are advanced, or global warming dramatically changes realities, the west is still best in regards to a winter cornucopia.

Not only must we give thanks for our farms and farmers, the San Francisco Bay region has terrific nonprofits furthering the local foods movement, teaching us how to cook, and protecting local lands that grow our food. Groups such as:

The Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture is dedicated to cultivating a sustainable food system through operation of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market (shop here for holiday gifts) and its educational programs.

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers advocates for California's family farmers and sustainable agriculture. Learn what local farms can provide your restaurant, cafe or large event.

Marin Agricultural Land Trust, created by a coalition of ranchers and environmentalists, permanently preserves prime Marin County farmland. Check out their tours and give one as a gift.

Veggielution brings people from diverse backgrounds together to create a sustainable food system in San Jose. These people know how to work and play hard! Join them for a workday on the farm.

Hidden Villa
Los Altos-based Hidden Villa uses organic farming, wilderness, and community to teach about environment and social justice. Great place for young children to learn more about the food system. Also a wonderful place to take a hike.

Bay Area Tasting Week
Tasting Week chefs teach cooking classes in schools as a way to turn students on to good food, and to fight obesity. Volunteer chefs needed for fall 2015.

If you contribute to local nonprofits at year-end, please check out the work of these essential organizations and consider a gift of support.

Donate your money or your time ? it's all good thanks to give.

We are all winners around here.

Mom choosing The Food Party! winner.

And the winner is....

Mayor Chris Clark! Contact us by Dec 3 at noon.