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By Laura Stec

Best High Dives to Watch the Game

Uploaded: Oct 23, 2014

Technically, literally, figuratively?.what is a dive bar? I could google it, or just let ignorance be my waterloo.?.

But who cares the negative definition? I won't have it any longer. The friendliest, coziest places I know to hang in the Bay Area are dive bars. So I think we should change the name, or adjust it a touch.

How about High Dives?

And just in case you are looking for a spot to watch the World Series (Go Giants!), High Dives are the perfect spot. You can find a seat and sit there for hours, drinks are cheap (please tip nicely), and fellow patrons are family even if you just met them.

Problem for us working stiffs is all the games start at 5:07PM - middle of the work day for Silicon Valley. Not to worry. Just tell your boss you are at "The Office," and head to San Carlos. That's where we watched the Giants snag the NLCS last week. Tons of TV's, patio fireplaces, fun people, 44 beers on tap (the Grapefruit Beer was yummy). The place presents better than a dive, but the food fits the description, so there you go. Lots of processed fluffy and deep fried whatever. We did enjoy the Chicken Tortilla Soup and Southwest Salad though.

But what about the rest of next week? Where do you recommend?

Mine might look like this:

Friday: Dogpatch Saloon, San Francisco

Saturday: Costume party at Neil's house, rock star chef at First Crush (dive free night)

Sunday: Saddleroom, "The last neighborhood bar in Redwood City."

Tuesday: Antonio's Nut House, Palo Alto: (love those free peanuts)

Wednesday: Fred's Place, Mountain View (new to me, but local guitarist extraordinaire AJ Crawdaddy highly recommends - and if anyone knows the cool spots - it's a guy that has played all of them. "Many TV's friendly joynt, stiff drinks."

Is the sign of a real dive bar the places without a website? Or is it the place where everybody knows your name?

Time to find out.


Celebrating Giants win at The Office.

The Office
1748 El Camino Real, San Carlos

Dogpatch Saloon
2496 3rd St, San Francisco

The Saddleroom
1607 Woodside Rd, Redwood City

Antonio's Nut House
321 S California Ave, Palo Alto

Fred's Place
2534 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View

Speaking of dive bars, congrats go out to our own, I Still Call It Rossotti's, which made the #1 spot in the "2014 Best Dive Bars in America." Any of my hometown readers ever been to Old Miami in Detroit?


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