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By Chandrama Anderson

"Wanting Sex Again"

Uploaded: Jun 4, 2014

The question isn't IF we will ever have sexual issues, but when. Just as all relationships require work, so will our sex life. And at times, we may need outside help, such as books or counseling.

I am recommending this book because this is the best sex book for couples I've found so far.

While the focus is on women re-gaining their sex lives and women's libido, it is educational and filled with useful information for any couple. The case studies discuss men's and women's perspectives very well.

As you're reading, replace the gender as it makes sense for your situation. Plenty of men have low libido, too.

As with all books I recommend, take what's useful and ignore the rest.

I am in no way implying that many women have low-libido ? it just happens to be the thrust of this useful book.

For example, did you know that for most women it takes 20 minutes for her to get aroused, and then another 20 minutes for her to orgasm with direct stimulation to the clitoris?

Watson's book covers everything from preparing to have intercourse for the first time, to pain issues, to menopause, to low libido in women and men. As I mentioned, the book is geared toward female libido issues, but men's issues are discussed too. Both men's and women's concerns and points-of-view are presented well.

I found that I got a lot more out of Wanting Sex Again when I read through from cover to cover (vs. picking and choosing to read sections) as Watson builds the education from chapter to chapter.

Keeping sex alive, passionate, and pleasurable over a long marriage is an important part of intimacy and bonding. Sex can be fun as well as good for us ? physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

A couple having a healthy sexual relationship also is good for their family; when parents are happy, kids are, too. I am not advocating that you discuss your sex life with your kids. I'm saying that kids' radar about their parents' state of mind and heart are always on and tracking. And age-appropriate conversations and education about sex are important for kids so they grow up with healthy attitudes and accurate information to be safe and healthy.

Happy reading. And happy sex life.

CON: Focus on women with low libido. (Of course this is also the intent of the book, so it's only a "con" from a couple's perspective.)

PROs: Educational, factual, informative, portrays couple interactions in case studies.