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By Laura Stec

I Just Ate Beets for the First Time

Uploaded: Apr 2, 2014

"I just ate beets for the first time two days ago."

This statement was recently emailed to me by a 30-something Food Partier! It stopped me in my tracks. How could you have waited so long, dear reader, for something so sweet and delicious? Welcome to the dark side.

Mountain View-based Ken went on to say that after learning more about food, especially how unsustainable and inhumane meat is, he decided to go vegetarian. His high-tech response was a "recipe inspiration web app," which morphed into Battr, a home delivery service for people with dietary needs, such as vegetarian and gluten-free foods. Battr delivers ingredients for cooks to assemble, not precooked meals. Turns out Ken is looking for 20 people in the Mountain View, Los Altos area to test the service out. If you are interested, leave me a note below and I'll connect you.

Long story short, Ken learned a little bit more about the food system, hooked up with beets, and is now a much more satisfied man. So to honor him, and all you other beet virgins, I encourage you to wait no longer. Just succumb. Beets are one of the most misunderstood vegetables, but we are all looking for something new and exciting, aren't we?

If it is an issue of attraction, you have probably only eaten beets boiled. DON'T BOIL YOUR BEETS. Yucky, squishy, soggy and diluted! Bake beets instead. It's easy to do and the technique reveals their secrets.

Secrets? Oooooo! Remember back to the first Food Party! "Welcome to The Food Party! - Kitchen Science Tip #1," we mentioned that vegetables have secrets.

Do you recall what they are?

This could be that new relationship you've been looking for.

Baked Beets with a Secret

Wash your unpeeled beet.
Rip of a piece of aluminum foil, big enough to wrap the beet (s) in.
Coat your hands with olive oil and rub around the beet.
Wrap in the foil.
Pop in the oven at 375°F for approximately one hour, until a fork inserts easily.
Remove from oven, open foil, let beet cool, and the skin peels off just with your hands.
Eat as is or drizzle on a touch of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt.