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By Laura Stec

I Got Stood Up. RSV-Please!

Uploaded: Mar 13, 2014

Everyone should host a party once a year. It is your ticket into all the other parties.

Don't want to host at your house? Host at a park, a local bar, or team with a friend on spaghetti dinner. Big, small, who cares? What matters is you organize something/anything, because it's not ok just to go to everyone else's parties and never reciprocate.

Once one starts hosting, the social nicety of the RSVP will come back into view too. Somehow this response has been dying out over the years and I don't know why. If someone is kind enough to send an invitation, we owe them a yes or no. My inner Ms. Manners shakes her finger at those who have gotten lax about this. And while I am in sermon, a strong digital wag out to my nephews C and D. Ahem gentlemen? are you coming to dinner this Sunday or not?

Yes, Miss Priss is on her soapbox, but you certainly can't deny me disappointment after being stood up on last weeks' date. Stood up ? yes! No call, no RSVP, no show. I haven't been stood up on a date in?well?. I don't think I have ever been stood up on a date.

Have you?

My friend R said I should have texted, "Dear Mr. X, I hope you are OK. But you better be in the hospital or I am going to put you there!"

Not only did this guy stand me up on date #3, he cancelled date #1, and was late for rescheduled date #2. Did I hear the door slam?

The few people I have asked respond with an absolute "YES." That is until they hear what happened (Mr. X got hurt and I'll stop there). It's funny ? once guys hear how he got hurt, their response is a dramatic turn around from, "Dump the loser," to "OMG - poor man."

Gentleman, what about me?

OK, he had a legitimate medical excuse, but the woman in me says he should have called that afternoon/evening (or sent flowers, tickets to Teatro ZinZanni, or... :) I admit, I have yet to ask him why he waited till the next morning. But he hasn't volunteered the answer either.

And so we are back to the beginning or in Latin, "Incipimus in bagan."


Or no?

Mr. X - your fate lies with my readers.