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By Laura Stec

Overeat, Gorge, Feast, Attack, Pig Out, Fill Up, Binge

Uploaded: Jan 14, 2014

I've been having conversations on and off line about last week's blog, Eat Anything You Want Except For Two Days A Week,* and realize it can be approached in one of two ways:

Fast vs. Fill

The fasting approach means 1-2 days a week your eating style is one of not. With this perspective, eating mostly fruits and veggies means not eating much at all, because without all the other "crap," what else is there to eat besides raw carrot and celery sticks? Listen, fasting sucks. I should know, I've tried everything: Master Cleanse, Atkins, juice fasting, South Beach, Peanut Butter Fast. I've cut it all out in the name of God of Health and Goddess of Skinny.

But no longer ? it doesn't work for me. Now, I FILL. As a dedicated Food Partier, I have finally accepted my inner hedonist.

I hereby admit to:
Overeating Onions
Pigging out on Pumpkin
Filling on Fennel
Gorging Courgettes
Feasting Figs
Attacking Aubergine
Binging on Broccoli

Actually, we should eat too many veggies everyday, but we are a society surrounded by quick-to-get protein and carbs, so that's what most of us eat, most of the time.

But you can rise above the fray.

EAYWEF2DAW* means you commit to going the extra mile and insure a variety of veggies. It's kind of like Just Do It, but with vegetables and fruits. Don't not eat. Gorge with gusto.

How 'bout it? Join me in a vegetable g' orgy? Plates await you... filled with the raw, the cooked, and the pickled. Different styles, seasoned with sweet, salty, spicy, sour, bitter, & savory umami. Smell it. Taste it. Come on, let me feed you.

Once you get the hang of that, we'll move to Lesson #2:

The Law of Signatures
what a vegetable looks like is what it is good for.

Yes, yup, zucchini, cauliflower too....Secrets revealed only to those who do the homework. Start thinking about it now.