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By Laura Stec

Eat Out. Alone. In Public? NEVER!

Uploaded: Dec 10, 2013

I took myself out to dinner recently?. alone. It's nothing new; I eat alone often. I guess if I didn't, I'd be a whole lot skinnier from all the missed meals. Hmmmm?

I don't mind eating solo ? kinda' like it. I catch up on work, write the blog, get thru pile o' magazines behind couch. I suffer no stigma saying, "one please," when the hostess asks how many. (I purposely avoid "just me"). If good feng shui, I sit at the bar (option to chat or not).

One recent evening, a man sits down next to me immediately after I sit. He's alone and I can tell by his energy he wants to talk. Opening line?

"So, what's a girl like you doing eating alone?"

OMG. My initial reaction is to blurt "what a stupid thing to say," but then I'd lose my exploratory connection to what this guy is really thinking. Does he have issues about eating alone? A lot of people do. Many of us will eat at home alone but never in public. I chat the guy up a bit, but then go back to my own world. I even move one seat over, but still feel him wanting to engage the entire meal.

Then my thoughts travel back to last week. Maybe this is what's "wrong" with the selfie?

One of the supposed "problems" with selfies is taking your own picture admits you are alone...which?we don't want people to know about because, well, being alone is? bad I guess, no matter if we are eating alone, or just having fun alone.

This past Sunday night some friends and I were post-birthday dancing at the Pioneer music jam in Woodside (4-8 PM every Sunday ? stop by - I'm serious - it rocks). I was talking about the meal thing with my friend R and his girlfriend. Girlfriend (late 50's) stated firmly that she never eats in a restaurant by herself. The music is loud so I can't ask questions, but I think really?never?


So what about you dear reader? Do you eat in restaurants by yourself?

If yes ? how do you feel about it?
If no, why not?

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