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Cars 3
Whole star Whole star Whole star
Cars 3 Pixar's animated films never fail to be about something -- story and theme integrated to have an emotional effect on viewers young and old in a way that sets the films apart from their many competitors. "Cars 2," released in 2011, was a notable excep...... Read the full review

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"Fall color on Gretel Lane"
Several decades ago, someone decided to plant all of these trees on one street. On this day, with the afternoon sun's help, they gave us one beautiful fall color, not only in the trees, but through the snow-like leaves dusting over lawns and sidewalks, and into the street. Submitted by Jay Gonzales on Dec 5, 2011

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Pretty on the outside
The recently reopened British Bankers Club in Menlo Park has all the elements of a destination restaurant, except for the food itself. Thursday, 3:59 PM

As a veteran of comedy and music festivals, talk/game show/podcast host and comedian Chris Hardwick has participated in and attended many of these gatherings. But there hasn't been one yet that brings together the many interests he has as an omnivorous pop-culture enthusiast. So he created the ID10T Music Festival + Comic Conival, which debuts Saturday and Sunday (June 24-25) at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. Wednesday, 12:12 PM

Mrs. Robinson 'graduates' to the stage
Palo Alto Players presents "The Graduate," Terry Johnson's stage adaptation of Mike Nichols' award-winning 1967 film, which is in turn based an obscure 1964 novel by Charles Webb. The Palo Alto Players production, the show's first time on the Peninsula, borrows from both film and novel, adding new elements as well Wednesday, 12:10 PM

Sweets for beating the heat
Regardless of whether you're suffering from ice-cream fatigue, there's plenty of variety on the Midpeninsula when it comes to cold desserts. Sunday, 2:34 PM

Diversity, gender and all that jazz
This year's Stanford Jazz Festival (SJF) is bookended by shows at Bing Concert Hall by the dynamic pianist Hiromi and vocalist Lisa Fischer. There are also plenty of concerts by women-led groups in between, which is a reflection of the faculty at the related Stanford Jazz Workshop (SJW). Friday, 10:27 AM

Roll over, Beethoven
The great composer Ludwig van Beethoven is a larger-than-life figure in musical history and popular culture. He's the archetypal tortured genius, the stuff compelling music bios are made of. Wednesday, 1:57 PM

’Like, Like Like?’
Local youth-theater company “A Theatre Near U" will present its latest original production, the comedy “Like, Like Like?," June 16-July 1 on the second stage at Mountain View's Center for the Performing Arts. Wednesday, 1:53 PM

Paul Phillips to lead Stanford orchestras
Starting July 1, Paul Phillips will begin work as Stanford University's director of orchestral studies in the department of music, taking the baton as conductor of Stanford Symphony Orchestra and Stanford Philharmonia, the university announced in a press release. Tuesday, 8:58 AM

Longtime Children's Theatre director Pat Briggs dies
Pat Briggs, who guided and coached generations of Palo Alto children onto the stage as director of the Palo Alto Children's Theatre, has died in her native Chicago after a period of failing health. Monday, 1:49 PM

The sweeter things

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A growing revolution



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