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Editorial Department
Editor: Kevin Forestieri (650-223-6535)
Staff Writers: Malea Martin (650-223-6516), Zoe Morgan (650-223-6519)
Audience Engagement Editor: Jamey Padojino (650-223-6524)
Home/Real Estate Editor: Linda Taaffe (650-223-6511)
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Heather Zimmerman (650-223-6515)
Features Editor: Julia Brown (650-223-6531)
Audience Engagement Assistant Editor/Visual Journalist: Magali Gauthier (650-223-6530)
Audience Engagement Assistant Editor: Zoe Morgan (650-223-6519)
Contributors: Edward G. Fike, Monica Schreiber, Ruth Schecter

Vice President of Sales: Gina Channell Wilcox (925-621-1171)
Major Account Sales Managers: Connie Cotton (650-223-6571)
Multimedia Advertising Sales: Elaine Clark (650-223-6572)
Real Estate Sales: Neal Fine (650-223-6583)
Digital Advertising Sales: Lori Mikuls (650-223-6585)

Legal Advertising: Legal Notices

Advertising Services
Advertising Services Manager: Kevin Legarda (650-223-6597)
Advertising Services Associate: Diane Martin (650-223-6584)

Design and Production Manager: Kristin Brown (650-223-6562)
Designers: Linda Atilano, Paul Llewellyn, Mary Watanabe, Douglas Young

Embarcadero Media

Chairman of the Board: William S. Johnson (650-223-6505)
President & CEO: Adam Dawes (650-223-6588)
Vice President & CFO: Peter Beller (650-223-6545)
Treasurer: Michael I. Naar (650-223-6540)
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Webmaster: Frank A. Bravo (650-223-6551)
Director of Finance and Operations: Nico Navarrete (650-223-6582)
Director of Marketing and Audience Development: Heidi Hartley (650-223-6560)
Editorial Director: Jocelyn Dong (650-223-6514)
Major Accounts Sales Manager: Connie Jo Cotton (650-223-6571)
Circulation & Mailing Services: Manager (650-223-6557)

Information Technology
Senior Web Developer: Chris Planessi
Computer Systems Associate: Mike Schmidt

Business Associate: Suzanne Ogawa (650-223-6541)

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