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Real Estate Headlines

Feed the birds
It's winter and most back-yard plants are dormant or not blooming. How do you attract birds to your yard now, let alone when spring comes? Friday, 3:45 PM

HOME FRONT: Planting Camellias, Garden Photography
A round-up of local home and garden news and events. Friday, 3:44 PM

Home Front: Spring garden tour, replace your lawn
A round-up of local home and garden news and events. Friday, 11:08 AM

2016 had four-year peak for median sales price
The 2016 Santa Clara County housing market continued to build off of the momentum of the last three years. New price thresholds were set in all tiers of the market, interest rates remained low, and springtime (March through June) continued its four-year streak as the market peak for sales. Thursday, 2:50 PM

Stress-free entertaining
Do you avoid entertaining because it's too stressful? Believe it or not, it is possible to throw an enjoyable, relaxing dinner party. Thursday, 1:23 PM

Home Front: Christmas Tree Lane, cooking class
Christmas Tree Lane, crocheting class and Chinese New Year cooking -- a round-up of local home and garden news and events. Thursday, 1:15 PM

Maxing out your home sale
Getting a home ready to sell is like getting dressed for the prom, says Coldwell Banker realtor Tim Kerns. Saturday, 6:36 PM

Home sales for Dec. 9
Modest home sales this week show a high price of $3.6 million. Saturday, 6:35 PM

Home Front: veggies and free stuff
A round-up of local home and garden news and events. Saturday, 6:35 PM

Home Sales
This week's local home sales. Saturday, 6:50 PM

Sales at a glance
In this week's look at recent home sales, the market levels off as holidays approach. Saturday, 6:49 PM

Chimney checkup
Before you light that match for the first wood fire of the winter season, if you still have a wood-burning fireplace, start small. Sunday, 3:38 PM

Home Front for Nov. 18
This week: a Christmas market and sustainable furniture. Sunday, 3:37 PM

Real Estate Matters: Daily rentals in your neighborhood?
Are residential neighborhoods prime to become mini-hotel locations? With advent of the "sharing" economy when individuals can sign up to rent their home or a portion of it on a nightly basis they risk that owners or their tenants will seize the opportunity to make easy money. Friday, 2:27 PM

Bringing down the house
A residential demolition project doesn't begin when the excavator's bucket crashes through the corner of a home. It begins well before that with people like Jack Cook, estimator and project manager at CVE Demolition. Friday, 2:24 PM

Home Sales
Big sales in small-town Atherton: two sales over $30 million. Friday, 10:15 AM

Sales at a glance
In this week's roundup of real-estate sales, a new Woodside home sells for $22 million. Friday, 10:15 AM

Stopping the flight of the bumblebee
Landscape designer Juanita Salisbury is determined to start a movement in Palo Alto that would help bring back bee-friendly plants. Sunday, 2:51 PM

Home front: Fall maintenance, bare roots and maples
Classes in November focus on seasonal gardening tips. Friday, 2:42 PM

Growing food is great until evidence of rodents appears
Palo Alto resident Dexter Girton is an avid gardener who began noticing something was eating his crops. When he was convinced it was rats, his engineering background kicked into gear and a night-vision camera he rigged confirmed his suspicions. Monday, 1:05 PM

Neighborhood profile: Eastern Varsity Park

Sales at a glance: Top sale is $11 million

Recent home sales: Atherton tops area with $11 million home sale

Home Front

Rent Watch: Live-in caregivers jeopardizing tenancy

Sales at a glance

Home Sales