The Diary of a Teenage Girl
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The Diary of a Teenage Girl This is America, where there are certain things you talk about unhesitatingly (Donald Trump) and certain things you don't (female adolescent ... whatever), with a creative understanding of what constitutes true obscenity. Like the proverbial ostrich ...... Read the full review

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"Sharing a laugh"
Lauren Ward, left, and Bella Betencor, right, share a laugh as they leave St. Joseph Church. Last Sunday, the 16th, parishioners gathered for the Festival of the Holy spirit and marched from the IFES Portuguese Hall on Stierlin Road to Hope Street. Submitted by James Tensuan on May 17, 2010

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Snacks with purpose
Mountain View resident Andy Kavanagh is the creator of Cub Snacks: healthy, kid-friendly cooking projects delivered once a month, right to your door. Thursday, 2:02 PM

This week's A&E highlights: Stand-up comedy, soul and wine lounge and more
This week, catch an evening of stand-up comedy based on the book, "Take My Spouse, Please," check out Art on the Square in Redwood City and enjoy soul music and fine wine at the Oshman Family JCC. Thursday, 2:00 PM

Stories from the Great Plains
Redwood City's Dragon Theatre is currently presenting a compelling version of "The Voice of the Prairie," a play by John Olive set in the early days of radio. Thursday, 1:59 PM

Bullying, xenophobia and war in new memoir
Palo Alto resident Alan Holmes grew up in World War II Europe and fought his own personal battle against prejudice. That battle is featured in his new memoir, "A Serious and Proper Education: Misadventures at an English Boarding School." Thursday, 10:35 AM

Worth a Look: Wire mesh art, bluegrass music and more
This week, catch author David Shields discussing his latest book, check out art made from wire mesh at a Ladera coffee shop and more. Friday, 1:16 PM

When in France ...
Cafe Brioche has been an anchor on California Avenue in Palo Alto since 1995. The food is uncomplicated and well-prepared by chef Ricardo Molina, prices are rational, the service competent and the dining room cozy. Friday, 3:17 PM

A&E Digest: Stanford Live's director departs, and more
The director of Stanford Live departs for Santa Monica, classes in digital artmaking for teens offered at Mitchell Park, and more. Friday, 3:23 PM

A cup of tradition
Turkish coffee is a wealth of tradition squeezed into a tiny porcelain cup. Wednesday, 11:50 AM

Palo Alto's Pacific Art League amends bylaws

Review: Island flavor at Charley's Noodle & Grill

One small seed

Undoing the culture of sexual shaming


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