The Longest Ride
Whole star
The Longest Ride A Nicholas Sparks movie is like cinematic Jello. It sells well, the number one ingredient is sugar, and there's always room for it. Yes, the corn is as high as an elephant's eye in the latest adaptation of the bestselling romance novelist. No, we're...... Read the full review

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"Sharing a laugh"
Lauren Ward, left, and Bella Betencor, right, share a laugh as they leave St. Joseph Church. Last Sunday, the 16th, parishioners gathered for the Festival of the Holy spirit and marched from the IFES Portuguese Hall on Stierlin Road to Hope Street. Submitted by James Tensuan on May 17, 2010

A&E Features

Wiener takes all at Chez Franc
At Chez Franc on California Avenue in Palo Alto, the house-made franks are top notch. The double-cheeseburger's great, too. Friday, 10:28 AM

A&E Digest: Student scholarships, fashion for a cause and more
This week, students win art scholarships, a film on feminist art screens at Stanford and international fashion designers sell their goods for a good cause. Friday, 10:20 AM

Love and War
Los Altos Stage Company's impressive production of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" play is a bracing reminder of the dark side of marriage. Thursday, 11:34 AM

This week's A&E highlights: floral artistry, Earth Day plays and more
This week, catch work by emerging playwrights at the Planet Earth New Play Festival, learn floral arranging from a master of the trade and see a film about how dance transformed the lives of people with Parkinson's disease. Thursday, 11:29 AM

No patients, only dancers
Screening this weekend at Stanford, "Capturing Grace" documents an innovative project partnering dancers with the internationally acclaimed Mark Morris Dance Group and people with Parkinson's disease. Tuesday, 4:15 PM

A high-octane 'Hairspray'
Ram's Head Theatrical Society's infectiously energetic "Hairspray" features a 40-foot wall of color-changing LEDs, a cast of true triple threats and subtle references to modern-day civil rights struggles. Tuesday, 10:17 AM

Mountain View's Moksha aims to better your coffee beans
Started in 2004 by coffee lovers Rekha Shivapa and Vikram Shrivastava, Moksha is a customized roasting company that helps customers find the right bean and blend, and works to bring business to small-scale sustainable coffee growers. Friday, 9:59 AM

This week's A&E highlights: bluegrass musical, landscapes and more
This week, catch the toe-tapping tunes of bluegrass musical "Fire on the Mountain," catch tranquil landscape paintings and pastels at Portola Art Gallery and hear authors and thinkers discuss the links between Judaism and scientific thought. Thursday, 1:16 PM

The joy of music
More Joy. That's the name Ann Benson chose for her musical duo back in 1979 in Dallas, Texas. This weekend, More Joy will be resurrected when Benson and her wife Iris Harrell take the stage to perform together. Thursday, 1:14 PM

Kepler's aims to start national conversation
Starting on Wednesday, April 8, well-known radio journalist Angie Coiro will host "In Deep," a two-hour talk show recorded live at Kepler's in Menlo Park. The first hour will be dedicated to current issues and the second spent on arts and culture. Thursday, 10:30 AM

Troubled Waters
In "Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania," Erik Larson addresses a tragedy many readers think they know well. The centennial of the disaster is May 17, and in its honor, Larson weaves a gripping tale of hubris, bad timing and unexpected courage. Friday, 1:38 PM

Back-to-basics burgers at Five Guys
No milkshakes. No drive-thru. No breakfast, chicken, fish or coffee. Five Guys is tightly focused on burgers and fries. Friday, 1:33 PM | 4 comments

The American scene
The late American painter Jacob Lawrence is considered one of the most influential black artists of the 20th century. "Promised Land: Jacob Lawrence at the Cantor" gives viewers the opportunity to enjoy the full arc of the artist's work, from paintings and drawings to an illustrated book. Friday, 9:54 AM

Book Talk: WWII-themed books, photos of the Dead and more
This month, catch talks by authors of WWII-themed books, hear mystery writer Jacqueline Winspear speak at Kepler's and learn about autism from a Los Altos teen. Thursday, 12:21 PM

This week's A&E highlights
This week, catch the North American premiere of an orchestral work by Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, check out images of animals in ancient manuscripts and view springtime art in Palo Alto. Thursday, 11:46 AM

From Palo Alto to State Bird
San Francisco's hottest chef, Stuart Brioza, might not work with food at all if it weren't for two Palo Alto restaurants and one East Palo Alto pepper farm. Friday, 2:19 PM

Spring into the arts
From an emerging contemporary dance company based in Mountain View to a visit from an innovative folk-punk band from Ukraine, we've sorted through hundreds of happenings to bring you some of spring's hottest arts events. Friday, 11:00 AM

The mouse that roared
Based on a 1968 computer science demonstration that rocked the tech world, electronic opera "The Demo" will have its world premiere next Wednesday, April 1, at Stanford. Thursday, 11:44 AM

Culinary crazy quilt
Mixx, the newish restaurant entity next to über-popular Cascal on Castro Street in downtown Mountain View, is just what its name implies: a crazy quilt of casual fusion dishes from around the world. Thursday, 12:19 PM

Fire and ice
Set in an Indian restaurant in Cleveland during a swirling winter storm, "The Lake Effect" explores tense family dynamics, the immigrant experience and the power of grief to stir up long-buried pain. Thursday, 10:58 AM

Art in Action fundraiser honors Google doodler

This week's A&E highlights

Superfruit smoothies

Electric energy

This week's A&E highlights

This week's A&E highlights: art exhibit, family-friendly concert and more


La bella vita at Arte Ristorante

Farmers are making it count


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