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Max The family movie "Max" has an agenda, but then most family movies do. Your mileage may vary, but "Max" proudly wraps itself in the flag and, by association, links all-American patriotism with military righteousness, religious faith and socially conse...... Read the full review

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"Bubb Park Ginko Trees"
The Ginko are in full regalia this week. Taken from a small airborne camera attached to a radio controlled model aircraft. Submitted by Paul Sterbentz on Dec 4, 2010

A&E Features

Waiting, and finding a voice
Palo Alto resident Stuart Rojstaczer has published "The Mathematician's Shiva," a novel that mixes together his Polish-Russian-Jewish roots, his exposure to advanced mathematics and a generous dollop of humor. Tuesday, 9:34 AM

Telling true stories
First-hand accounts of American drag queens and gender artists. Stories of children living in orphanages in Ghana. These are among the audio documentaries created by recipients of Stanford's Braden Grant. Tuesday, 9:32 AM

Order and chaos
The Pear's "Arcadia" may not be perfect, but it's a funny, vigorous, well-executed production of one of the most intriguing plays of the last quarter century. Thursday, 8:50 PM

Book Talk: New novels, memoirs and more
This month, Palo Alto authors publish memoirs and novels, young writers release new titles and a Mountain View novelist's young-adult book is set to become a film. Thursday, 8:48 PM

Honey on your hands
Beekeeper Kendal Sager is passionate about bee education, and her workshops give newbies and backyard enthusiasts hands-on lessons for keeping bees and harvesting honey. Thursday, 8:47 PM

This week's A&E highlights: Argentinian tango, Twilight concerts and more
This week, attend the West Coast debut of Argentinian tango ensemble Orquesta Victoria, head to Kepler's Books for Mystery-Thriller Saturday and catch fine art photography at Gallery House. Thursday, 12:16 PM

The jazz days of summer
From June 20 through August 8, the Stanford University campus comes alive with the Stanford Jazz Workshop and Festival, this year featuring artists including Joshua Redman, Keb' Mo' and Charles Lloyd. Friday, 10:42 AM

'Twas Brillig' is a trip down the rabbit hole

Lost in translation

Locavore hot spot

Behind the scenes

Waste not, want not

A&E Digest: Pear Avenue Theatre to relocate and more

Mountain View Open Floor members form a 21st-century tribe

Bare bones dim sum

Review: Shuck it to me at Shell Shock


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